1080 Serving Breakfast and Entree Package

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Unveiling the epitome of preparedness: our Ultimate Survivalist's Meal Kit. Dive into a curated selection of three buckets brimming with gourmet emergency entrees and an additional six dedicated to revitalizing breakfast options. Designed with urgency in mind, each hearty meal is compartmentalized into 4-serving pouches. Housed within robust, easy-to-carry buckets, they’re perfect for hassle-free storage or for those moments when every second counts.

Savor the Selection:

  • Dive into 48 servings of our rich Cheesy Lasagna.
  • Relish the silky touch of 72 servings of Creamy Pasta.
  • Indulge in the classic flavors of Pasta Alfredo and Chili Mac, each offering 48 servings.
  • Warm up with our soul-soothing Chicken Noodle Soup and Savory Stroganoff, both at 72 servings.
  • Experience zest with our Hearty Tortilla Soup and the comforting embrace of Potato Pot Pie, each at 48 servings.
  • Whisk your taste buds away with 24 servings of Teriyaki and Rice.
  • Delight in homestyle goodness with 48 servings of Baked Potato Casserole.
  • Sink into the comforting depths of 72 servings each of Tomato Basil Soup and Southwest Beans and Rice.
  • Satisfy cheesy cravings with 48 servings of Cheesy Macaroni.
  • Kickstart your day with our breakfast champions: 60 servings of Strawberry Granola Crunch, 60 of Crunchy Granola, and a generous 120 servings each of Brown Sugar and Maple Multi-Grain Cereal and Apple Cinnamon Cereal.