120 Serving Variety Fruit Bucket

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Be it a snowy barricade or a raging storm, nature's curveballs shouldn't keep you from a delicious bite. Dive into a delightful mix of bananas, peaches, strawberries, and apples, all preserved to perfection. Just a splash of water brings these fruits back to life in minutes, ensuring you get a burst of freshness whenever you desire. Encased in easy-to-stack buckets with a convenient carry handle, this selection is not only a flavorful treat but also a breeze to store and carry. Here's a glimpse of what awaits inside:

  • Bananas: 4 pouches (8 servings each)
  • Peaches: 2 pouches (8 servings each)
  • Strawberries: 4 pouches (8 servings each)
  • Apples: 5 pouches (8 servings each)