120 Serving Variety Vegetable Bucket

Sale price$139.00

Introducing our Gourmet Veggie Vault: Dive into a nutritious medley of 120 servings of freeze-dried delicacies, perfect for your culinary adventures or emergencies. Don't let a snowstorm or hurricane catch you unprepared. With just a splash of water, transform these crispy bites into a fresh feast in minutes. Designed for ease and efficiency, our stackable vessels feature a handy Grab-N-Go handle, ensuring they're a breeze to store and carry.

Inside the Veggie Vault:

  • Golden Corn Pouches (x4): 8 servings each
  • Crisp Peas Pouches (x3): 8 servings each
  • Lush Broccoli Pouches (x4): 8 servings each
  • Tender Green Beans Pouches (x4): 8 servings each

Stay ready, stay fed, and relish the flavors of nature with our Gourmet Veggie Vault.