1440 Serving Breakfast and Entree Package

Sale price$2,799.00

Discover gourmet readiness with our deluxe emergency meal kit. Designed to be your culinary companion in times of need, this kit is teeming with 1440 servings, all spread across 12 durable, easy-to-store buckets. Each delicacy is snugly packed into 4-serving pouches, ensuring every meal remains fresh and is effortlessly served.

Your Culinary Inventory Awaits:

  • Relish 48 servings of our rich Cheesy Lasagna and another 72 of the comforting Creamy Pasta.
  • Enjoy 48 servings of luxurious Pasta Alfredo and the same of our spicy tangy Chili Mac.
  • Warm up with 72 servings of our soulful Chicken Noodle Soup and explore the 72 servings of Savory Stroganoff.
  • Venture into the 48 servings each of our Hearty Tortilla Soup, delectable Potato Pot Pie, and our oriental Teriyaki and Rice.
  • Comfort your taste buds with 48 servings of Baked Potato Casserole, another 72 of tangy Tomato Basil Soup, and a matching 72 of hearty Southwest Beans and Rice.
  • Rise and shine with our breakfast trove: 120 servings of Strawberry Granola Crunch, 240 of Brown Sugar and Maple Multi-Grain Cereal, 120 of classic Crunchy Granola, and a bountiful 240 of our appetizing Apple Cinnamon Cereal.

With our Deluxe Emergency Gourmet Meal Kit, you're not only prepared but promised a gourmet experience irrespective of the situation. Ready, set, feast!